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3 Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Every hosting company specializing in WordPress claims that it provides everything you need for your website, but that is just not true. I’ve rated the top cloud hosts as follows:

WordPress optimization: – A provider’s performance and functionality may not be tailored particularly for WordPress because it offers WordPress hosting. I sought hosts whose services were optimized and set up for the most widely used CMS on the planet.

Speed and reliability:- Top technology equates to top performance, which results in quicker page loads, increased uptime, and contented site visitors.

Scalability: – You want to be able to scale up as your firm expands and customer numbers rise in order to fulfill your resource requirements.

Included features:- Some hosts offer more features for your money, particularly ones that are more focused on WordPress, so you should make sure the company you choose offers the greatest and most practical tools.

Ease of use:- Finding a service that is simple to use will ensure you don’t waste time trying to figure out how to utilize its account management interface, even if a WordPress cloud hosting company checks all the other boxes.

1. Kinsta

Because it offers faster page loading times and greater dependability than any other managed WordPress cloud server available, Kinsta is ranked first on our list. For four months, my colleague experimented with Kinsta and was astounded by the outcomes.

Kinsta is also really simple to utilize. Although it contains all the capabilities a web developer needs, its control panel was created with beginners in mind. While Kinsta is beginner-friendly, it is also the most expensive provider on our list, so it is not the most cost-effective option. However, if you can afford it, the performance is worth the additional money on its own.

You can choose from a variety of Kinsta plans. You get 10GB of storage with the beginning plan, which also permits one WordPress installation with up to 25,000 monthly visitors. Up to 150 WordPress installations, 250GB of storage, and 3,000,000 monthly visits are then available with a variety of options. Additionally, all plans provide the same fundamental features, such as daily backups.

WordPress Hosting Features:

All WordPress, all the time. Everything about Kinsta – from software to support to features and tools – is made to maximize your WordPress experience. It is based on WordPress-optimized servers.

25 data center locations and a CDN. Your visitors’ proximity to your server affects loading speed, thus Kinsta gives you a choice of 25 Google Cloud Platform data centers around the world. Additionally, it gives you access to KeyCDN’s content delivery network so that visitors who are not local can still experience peak speed.

MyKinsta control panel. The user-friendly dashboard for MyKinsta accounts has been set up and customized for WordPress. You may construct, transfer, or stage sites with its help, and it keeps track of visitor statistics, bandwidth usage, and response time.

Autoscaling. Kinsta dynamically scales your CPU and RAM to suit the demands of your expanding visitor base to ensure that your website will be able to withstand traffic surges.
This is one reason why its 99.9% uptime guarantee is more than just a promise; it’s a reality: During his four-month test, my colleague logged 100% uptime.

Hack fix guarantee. Although Kinsta regularly upgrades its software and keeps an eye on its entire network to ward off malicious activity, the company claims that if your website is ever compromised, a support professional will return it to fully functional status.

2. A2 Hosting

The managed WordPress hosting plans from A2 Hosting, like Kinsta, are constructed using cloud technology and are optimized for WordPress. It is quick, though not nearly as quick as Kinsta, thanks to its SwiftServer hosting technology, which is based on LiteSpeed.

Although its highest plan costs money and only offers 40GB of SSD storage, A2 Hosting allows you the opportunity to host an infinite number of websites, something the other hosts on our list do not.

If you decide against choosing infinite websites, you can choose between the 1-Site or the 3-Site options. Regardless of the plan, you select, you will receive the same benefits, such as free SSL and CDN compatibility, although the lower-tier plans have fewer resources. A2 Hosting is among the finest in terms of features and performance even if it offers a small number of plans and little storage space.

WordPress Hosting Features:

Automatic WordPress updates:- A2 Hosting ensures you always have the most recent WordPress version but does not support or debug third-party plugins.

A2 Optimized Site Accelerator: – a plugin that utilises three separate caching technologies—the proprietary Turbo Cache, OPcache, and Memcached—for speedier loading times.

Single-click site staging: – Staging, which is simple to use, enables you to make a development clone of your website so you can test and update it before publishing changes.

Free Jetpack personal license:- A plugin called Jetpack has tools to support the development, expansion and security of your website. This license only covers one URL, but it comes with features like Photon Unlimited Image CDN, automated daily backups, security from brute force attacks, malware scanning, and more.

3. InMotion Hosting

On our list, InMotion Hosting’s managed WordPress hosting has some of the lowest prices and offers more features than the majority. Unlimited email accounts, a free CDN, a top-notch security package, customizable caching, and more are features offered by all plans.

The limitless bandwidth that InMotion Hosting offers means that you never have to be concerned about your transfer rate. However, despite having limitless bandwidth, it does cap your monthly visits, with the entry-level package capping them at 20,000.

Beginners will love the managed WordPress hosting from InMotion Hosting, especially those in the US as both of its data centers are there. There are four different WordPress plans available (and four VPS plans). A higher-tier plan with one of the most costly hosts on our list is still less expensive than paying more for the higher-priced plans to obtain the finest that InMotion Hosting has to offer.

WordPress Hosting Features:

Free drag-and-drop site builder:- Building your website is easy with the BoldGrid WordPress-integrated site builder. It has a nice appearance, is simple to use, supports over 200 layouts, can interact with WooCommerce, and comes with SEO plugins.

No plugin restrictions:- You can install whatever plugin you want, speaking of which.
You won’t always have this much freedom from hosts.

Marketing tools with every plan:- Giving you free marketing tools, including advertising credits and client management tools, is one thing InMotion Hosting does that most other companies don’t.

90-day money-back guarantee:- InMotion Hosting allows you 90 days to decide if it’s the right host for you, as opposed to the typical 30-day money-back guarantee offered by other hosts.
And cancellation is simple if you decide it isn’t.


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