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Raj Kapoor Das

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SEO Services in India

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Are You looking for SEO Services in India? Hi I am Raj, I am not a company but a freelancer. And i am offering services in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Noida, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Mumbai. I have been working continuously since 2013.

Freelancer SEO Expert

Raj Kapoor Das is an online freelancing platform with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) facilities for any business looking to extend their business through a digital presence. We are a creative group of professionals who are experts in web design, digital marketing, and social media promotions. Professionals at Raj Kapoor Das are expert in making use of Internet to reach customers helping you grow your business.

We know what it takes to make your business have an awesome online presence. At Raj Kapoor Das we ensure that we do everything that makes your business look best in the digital world. The world is moving towards digitalization and we are focused to take businesses to the core of the digital world and compete among the best. We are here so that your businesses' every need is fulfilled and has everything to compete in the online world.

Our Skills:

On-Page SEO 95%
Off-Page SEO 85%
Social Media 88%
Link Building 75%

What are the fields we work on?

We are ready to accept projects of any type and in any niche. Even a business with no digital marketing experience can completely rely upon us. The expert Raj can create an awesome digital marketing facility out of nowhere in the given time. Whether it is the fresh new business or the popular brand, we make sure that the business moves a further step ahead after the project is completed. Everyone from the biggest companies to the smallest business can have their projects done with Raj.

Services we provide:

Why choose us?

• We take every responsibility for your project and treat them as our own project so that nothing goes untouched.
• We are the best team of digital marketers in the business that is focused to take your business to the very next level.
• We know how to make the project look catchy and attractive to attract customers to your business.
• All the projects given to us are Search Engine Friendly.
• We offer high-quality and error-free services.
• We provide every project at the most affordable price that you cannot get anywhere else.
• We value time the most so that every project given to us is completed beforehand.
• We are available 24/7 at your service.